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Norma Jane (Lowrey) Harber grew up on this farm and has always been sensitive to the subtleties of its terrain. Ever since her great-grandfather David Jackson Lowrey bought the upper farm in 1867, it has been a source of pride for the Lowrey family. This pride has been fostered within our Head Winemaker, Lydia Tomek who has a deep desire to lovingly preserve the property and showcase our unique terroir. 

In a gesture of respect for the land and the family, and to keep it free from imminent urban development, the family built the Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery. The land was happy when Norma Jane’s ancestors grew the ripest cherries, pears, peaches, grapes, plums and vegetables in the peninsula. It has now proven itself perfect for fine wine. In this we have learned a lot, attracted some great people and extended our passionate family. The result is not only great wines from our mother, Lowrey Farm, but a wonderful lifestyle that we are eager and proud to share.