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Ravine Vineyard
Wine Clubs

Thank you for considering the Ravine Vineyard Wine Clubs.

We are so pleased when our guests wish to celebrate and deepen their relationship with our winery.
It is our hope that our clubs encourage you to feel like you are a part of this incredible winery and farm - embracing the lifestyle.


Club262 wine club

Our 262 Wine Club moves you to the head of the table (so to speak).  With a capped membership of 262, this club provides us and its members with the opportunity to share the very best that our incredible winery and kitchen has to offer. 

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Club Ravine Wine Club

Aside from keeping you hooked up with great wine and food, we are continuing to dream up ways to sew you into our family. Club Ravine is a promise. A promise to keep you connected to the culture here by keeping you on the invite, in the know, in the spirit and in the groove.

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