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New Covid-19 Restrictions from November 14th - January 1st, 2021

The Niagara Region has mandated new guidelines to dining establishments and tasting rooms that are as follows:

  • Only members of the same household up to 4 people per table may dine together or with a maximum of two people who are essential to maintaining physical or mental health such as caregivers or support workers. 
  • Ravine staff are required to ask screening questions upon arrival regarding virus symptoms as well as to take guests contact information from a person in your reservation (that is 16 years or older).
  • Guests are required to stay 2 metres apart during check in and as much as possible between seated times.
  • Our staff will be contacting reservations made previous to this announcement to ensure protocols are followed.
  • Masks will be required upon entering buildings and between seated times.

 We value the patience and cooperation that our guests have continued to show us during this devastating pandemic and look forward to doing our best to keep you safe and comfortable during this time.  Thank you.